Greensboro: A Requiem

About the Play

This event will benefit The Beloved Center of Greensboro, NC,The Beloved Community Center of Greensboro, North Carolina. (BCC) is a community-based, grassroots empowerment oriented organization rooted in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy of proactive struggles for racial and economic justice, democracy and beloved community, the BCC is committed to grassroots empowerment, especially among minorities, within the context and spirit of forging a beloved community for all residents. Five “community readings,” in five different cities, of this massive contemplation of the 1979 KKK murder of anti-Klan protesters in Greensboro, North Carolina. This will be live-streamed from each (five different) cities


A Community Reading: LIVE from LONDON

November 3, 2022
Event includes Livestream and panels on preceding days